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Managing my Real-life Project

My girlfriend and I have just moved back into our house after some extensive building and decorating. For seven weeks we’ve been living in borrowed flats and local hotels. The whole time I’ve been popping in several times a week to see what’s going on and talk to the builder, the painter, the electrician, the brick-layer, the plasterer. After a while I realised I was treating it like managing a software project because that’s all I know. Now I’m not a project manager in my day-job. I’m a software developer: a code monkey, a class designer, an application architect, a…

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Freecycle with training wheels

We’d upgraded to a shiny new flatscreen TV and had the old fat tube just sitting around. It’s old and now looks positively ancient but it works fine so it seemed a shame to just take it to the tip. I’d been meaning to try Freecycle for a while and never had anything to offer so it was time to have a go. It was smooth and quick: find my local group on http://www.freecycle.org/, join the group on Yahoo and add a message, not even as long as a tweet. Within 3 hours I had 3 enquiries, people locally whose…

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