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Agile and non-agile project timing

Agile versus business On an agile project one of the core principles is an on-site customer. A customer embedded in the development team and available all the time for questions and to help clarify new features. I realised this week that the reason this is so important is a timing problem. The business works on long cycles, maybe quarterly sales targets or monthly reporting periods. A business query might need to be bounced to someone‚Äôs boss or discussed in meetings before a response comes back a week later. The agile team works on a two week iteration cycle. When they…

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Managing my Real-life Project

My girlfriend and I have just moved back into our house after some extensive building and decorating. For seven weeks we’ve been living in borrowed flats and local hotels. The whole time I’ve been popping in several times a week to see what’s going on and talk to the builder, the painter, the electrician, the brick-layer, the plasterer. After a while I realised I was treating it like managing a software project because that’s all I know. Now I’m not a project manager in my day-job. I’m a software developer: a code monkey, a class designer, an application architect, a…

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